2Simple Website Redesign

Illustration, Website, UI/UX Design

2Simple Software

Project Summary

The website had a high bounce rate and there were very little conversions. 

We wanted to create a better user experience to retain engagement and reduce bounce rate while improving conversion rates.

View the live website: www.2simple.com

Tools: Figma, Realtime board, Illustrator

1: Discover

  • Meeting with stakeholders to identify a clear and concise message through our website and the desired end goal of our visitors. 

  • Reviewed evaluation provided by an external consultant detailing findings through user testing and google analytics. 

2: Define

  • Created personas and mapped out the current user journey to identify pain points.

  • Constructed a Information Architecture for the website and proposed a new structure for content, with clear CTAs on each page. 

  • Designed a new set of customisable blocks, with a better range of options covering different needs.

3: Develop

  • Created graphics for content.

  • Produced mockups with a draft copy to be refined by marketing team, based on the current system of blocks and the new structure. 

  • Matched the results with updated version of user journey to ensure pain points are eliminated. 

4: Deliver

  • Took part in testing and revised design.

  • Reviewed feedback results from our software tester and internal staff.


Since the launch of the new website bounce rate and drastically reduced with more conversions and leads generated. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me as a project that looks at UX company-wide, as the website directly affects all departments. I will continue to work closely with the team in translating the rest of the site from the old format and to fine tune the experience for our users. 

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