Monster Multiplication

UI/UX Design, Illustration, Character Design, animation

2Simple Software

Project Summary

In June 2019, selected schools in England will pilot the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in Year 4. This test will be statutory in 2020. For all children, regardless of where they are in the world, learning the Multiplication Tables is very important and we want to make the process engaging and enjoyable, the brief is to introduce a game element to one of out existing multiplications game.

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, User testing

1: Discover

  • Meeting with development and education teams to brainstorm ideas: Function ideas include unlocking achievements, stages with a growing object or character to reflect growth. The multiplication element would be adaptive to the user- it remembers your accuracy and speed for specific times tables, where low-scoring questions would be more likely to appear again, thus improving your overall times table abilities. Teachers will have ability to track scores and progress through data reports.

  • Researched on similar apps and games with a similar ideas gained from meeting- such as TT Rock stars, Minecraft and tamagotchi.

2: Define

  • Mockup created in Figma with wireframes from meeting.

  • Collaborated with education and development team to design and define an award system measuring various aspects of game-play (i.e. accuracy, speed, number of times played in X amount of days.) 

  • Presented proposal of monster and food consumption theme to stakeholders for approval. 

3: Develop

  • Designed and animated 11 stages of the monster character- frames individually drawn in Adobe Illustrator for each state; Neutral, eating/chewing, hungry.

  • Collaborated with in-house software tester to identify issues with UI

  • Selected sound effects and background music to complement graphical elements.

4: Deliver

  • Planned a user testing session along with questionnaires for data analysis.

  • Co-lead user testing session with a mixed year group of KS2 class of 12 pupils at their school with two of their teachers. Pupils were able to try the beta application on tablet and desktop, and specific tasks were given to some groups to identify any pain points in the design. 

  • Results analysed and documented for use in developing phase 2. 


The feedback from the user testing session was very positive. Pupils were very engaged and 94% expressed they would like to play again for leisure and recommend to a friend/sibling. All pupils and teachers agreed it made multiplication easier to learn, especially with the adaptive feature and exciting graphical elements such as the animations and sound effects. 

There were some minor UI issues with responsiveness to different screens, particularly with smaller screens. I would aim to solve these issues at the prototyping stage in the future.

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