Avatar Builder

UI/UX Design, Illustration, Character Design

2Simple Software

Project Summary

The avatar builder is outdated and need a revamp. The new design needs to accommodate more options, and be more user-friendly for tablet devices.  

Tools: Adobe Indesign, Illustrator

1: Discover

  • Evaluating the current avatar builder, it is not tablet-friendly, has an outdated style, had a lot of text and was very limited in the options you can customise.

  • Meeting with Development team to highlight possibilities and limitations, and to identify key functions. Wireframes were produced.

2: Define

  • Mockup created with wireframes from meeting.

  • Created initial sketches for avatar styles.

3: Develop

  • Created graphics for UI.

  • Produced illustrations to use for the avatar. 

  • Meeting with development to go through details of limiting palettes, logistics of layering images and support in creating the variations.

4: Deliver

  • Took part in testing and revised design.


The avatar builder received fantastic feedback from our staff and customers, as it offered a much larger range of customising options, which was much more inclusive compared to the previous version. Although initially aimed at children, teachers and our company staff has also found it very enjoyable and use it for themselves. 

It was also made to connect to the other apps within our product, including the login page, in our game apps and more. It was more user-friendly, as a large portion of our users are using tablets to access our product. 

This project has allowed me to explore many styles of interfaces applied to the same application, and I have learnt a lot about the considerations for other departments that ultimately affects the design of UI.

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