Graphics, UI/UX Design

2Simple Software

Project Summary

A new app to help teachers customise tests for their pupils, with the function to mark tests automatically. 

Tools: Adobe Indesign, Illustrator

1: Discover

  • Education (former teachers) and development team analysed some of the key functions teachers that would be required, and what functions we can re-create from former, similar applications.

  • Given initial wireframes from development.

2: Define

  • Different versions with mockups made from wireframes provided by development.

  • Meeting with stakeholders to review mockups, feedback implemented. 

3: Discover

  • Created graphics.

  • Meeting with development to review details and progress.

4: Deliver

  • Took part in testing and revised design.

  • Reviewed feedback results from our software tester and internal staff.


2Quiz is a very popular app that has worked great as a supporting element within our main product- Purple Mash. It has particularly aided the education team in providing ready-to-use teacher resources, a key selling point for the product. 

Using Adobe Indesign to create mockups during this project has highlighted a lot of limitations the software could offer for a prototyping, which spurred me to learn and use Adobe XD and Figma for following projects. 

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